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Choices have a vast network of Window and Doors Installers throughout the UK
Choices have a vast network of Window and Doors Installers throughout the UK

Window Handles

Choices handles are available in a range of styles, colours and finishes to suit all requirements.

Cranked Handles

traditional-black-cranked-handleHardex Gold
traditional-bright-chrome-cranked-handleHardex Chrome
traditional-bronze-cranked-handleHardex Bronze
traditional-brushed-chrome-cranked-handleHardex Satin
traditional-hardex-graphite-handleHardex Graphite
traditional-black-cranked-handleAntique Black

Vintage Range

vintage-monkey-tail-pewter-patinaPewter Patina* Monkeytail
vintage-monkey-tail-satin-chromeSatin Chrome Monkeytail
vintage-monkey-tail-antique-bronzeAntique Bronze Monkeytail
vintage-monkey-tail-bronze-red-tintBronze Red Tint Monkeytail
vintage-monkey-tail-graphiteGraphite** Monkeytail
vintage-pear-drop-whiteWhite Pear Drop
vintage-pear-drop-blackBlack Pear Drop
vintage-pear-drop-electro-goldElectro Gold Pear Drop
vintage-pear-drop-polished-chromePolished Chrome Pear Drop
*Does not match Pewter Patina colour from the Classic Range
**Does not match the Graphite colour from the Elegance Range

Classic Range

classic-black-monkey-tail-handleBlack Monkey Tail
classic-pewter-monkey-tail-handlePewter* Monkey Tail
classic-black-pear-drop-handleBlack Pear Drop
classic-pewter-pear-drop-handlePewter* Pear Drop

*Coloured is described as Pewter Patina
NB: The Classic Range is hand made so exact match is not guaranteed

Elegance Range

elegance-black-monkey-tail-handleAntique Black Monkey Tail
elegance-hardex-gold-monkey-tail-handleHardex Gold Monkey Tail
elegance-bright-chrome-monkey-tail-handleHardex Chrome Monkey Tail
elegance-brushed-chrome-monkey-tail-handleHardex Graphite Monkey Tail

Tear Drop Range

elegance-black-monkey-tail-handleAntique Black Tear Drop
elegance-hardex-gold-monkey-tail-handleHardex Gold Tear Drop
elegance-bright-chrome-monkey-tail-handleHardex Chrome Tear Drop
elegance-brushed-chrome-monkey-tail-handleHardex Graphite Tear Drop

Choices Energy Savings Calculator

Do you want to know how much energy you can save by swapping to Choices Brand Windows?

With the ever increasing cost of fuel bills on everyone's minds, do yourself a favour and see how much energy you could save by swapping your tired old windows to our Energy Effcient 'Choices' brand windows. Not only will you likely save money but you will also be doing your bit to help the environment.

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Choices Downloads

If you are looking for further information on the fabulous range of Aluminium Windows and Doors from the ‘Choices’ brand, consider downloading our Marketing brochures from our media centre.

Find a 'Choices' Installer

Choices Installers are experts in supplying 'Choices' Aluminium Double Glazing in and around your local area, selected especially to be part of the 'Choices' brand.

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