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Choices have a vast network of Window and Doors Installers throughout the UK
Choices have a vast network of Window and Doors Installers throughout the UK

Aluminium Top Swing Windows

Aluminium Top Swing windows from Choices are ideal for high rise, apartment type situation properties.

‘Choices’ Aluminium Top Swing windows offers sleek and classical appearances and when combined with modern properties give a touch of class.

Fully Reversible windows are designed to provide solutions to high-rise buildings where functionality and ease of cleaning are paramount. The system does not encroach inside
the building as the mechanism allows the opening sash to completely rotate on itself whilst remaining outside the buildings structure.

Extremely practical and attractive, they are tailored made to your exact specifications, meaning our Aluminium Top Swing windows will perfect fit, keep your property quiet, warm and free of draughts.

Aluminium Top Swing windows are practical and versatile

The advanced glass technology used in Top Swing windows, equates to superior insulation, which in turn helps to increase the thermal efficiency of your home, by greatly reducing heat loss. On top of that ‘Choices’ Top Swing windows are extremely easy to clean, and they will never fall victim to decay.

Design Features:

  • 70mm frame depth to accommodate varying types of applications
  • Internally beaded for ease of site glazing on high-rise applications
  • Unique design allows the window to be pivoted without intruding the internal building line
  • A clean, flat appearance to give a true contemporary aesthetic
  • Integrated deep head profiles for ease of trickle ventilation
  • Unique polyamide thermal break design to improve thermal performance

Hardware, Upgrades and Glazing Options

Enhanced GlazingEnhanced Glazing
Solar Control
Accoustic Solution
Leads & Georgians
Decorative Glass

Choices Energy Savings Calculator

Do you want to know how much energy you can save by swapping to Choices Brand Windows?

With the ever increasing cost of fuel bills on everyone's minds, do yourself a favour and see how much energy you could save by swapping your tired old windows to our Energy Effcient 'Choices' brand windows. Not only will you likely save money but you will also be doing your bit to help the environment.

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If you are looking for further information on the fabulous range of Aluminium Windows and Doors from the ‘Choices’ brand, consider downloading our Marketing brochures from our media centre.

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